A Blind Goddess (Billy Boyle World War II Mystery)

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He later joins the Polish government in exile and joins Eisenhower as a translator. He is later shown to develop a deep friendship with Billy. She joins the British SOE and participates in a number of dangerous missions which challenges her relationship to Billy. Throughout the story, he is seen as a trusted and loyal aid who often risks himself for Billy and Kaz.

There are almost 11 series of Billy Boyle novel. But soon he finds himself in the midst of all the political tensions like disagreement among the army, the military, blackmarketeers who are smuggling medical supplies secretly to Casbah by diverting the attention to their enmity with the army which results in a number of murders.

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Billy has to track down the killer who has kidnapped his love interest who in turn, turns out to be a British spy. The third series of the novel is named as Blood Alone. In this story, Billy is posted in Sicily as the head of the main Allied force. He suffers a concussion and when he regains his consciousness, he finds himself suffering from amnesia.

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He forgets everything about himself and his mission in Sicily. The only clue he is left with is a yellow handkerchief with the initial L. He finds out later that a lot of people are behind getting this handkerchief. Later, he realizes that he is the personal investigator of Uncle Ike and he has to investigate the European Theatre of War. Before Billy can begin his job, several people are murdered.

How Billy recalls everything about himself and solves the mysteries form the plotline of this story. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. All Gabriel Allon fans will be eagerly anticipating this one - your favourite spy is back in The New Girl , coming to bookshelves in mid-July.

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In this one, a girl is kidnapped from an exclusive private school in Switzerland and Gabriel Allon is brought on board to find her. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

A Blind Goddess : A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery

Endorsed by Lee Child himself, this is a fantastic book series and is the best recommendation I can give for any fans of Reacher. This is also a great opportunity for Benn to highlight Billy and Kaz as a team isolated from their usual supports, working out the lay of the land and water in this military-overrun seascape.

The affable and capable Boyle continues to grow as a character, and Benn effectively uses the impending Allied invasion of Europe as the background for the whodunit plot. An odd assignment for a military man, made odder by the fact that Billy has been given orders not to investigate the German family who run the boarding house where the victim lived. Meanwhile, Billy has reconnected with an old friend from Boston, a black man called Tree, a sergeant in a tank destroyer unit.

Juggling both cases, Billy finds himself in the middle of a simmering racial conflict between the black soldiers stationed in the area and their white counterparts, who resent the fact that the blacks have been warmly received by the English Another nice mix of human drama and WWII history. In March , Billy receives an appeal from an old estranged friend, Sgt.

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Tree is positive that the accused was mistakenly arrested. Benn is an enthralling study of the wounds left by war, age, and secrets. Horrific, beautiful, and constantly surprising, this novel haunts me still.

A Blind Goddess (Billy Boyle World War II Mystery, book 8) by James R Benn

With settings on nearly every continent, taking place from the Middle Ages to the present, and written by authors of all ages and nationalities, it is anything but usual. The Billy Boyle novels. Special pricing from Soho Press when buying the bundled series in book or ebook format. The White Ghost The tension between a murder investigation and wartime action has always been at the heart of this series — How can one killing matter in a world where hundreds die every day?

He and Kaz, his Polish partner, are ordered to Rome to investigate the death of an American monsignor in the neutral Vatican. Boyle also has an ulterior motive in that the woman he loves has been captured by the Nazis and is being held in Rome. Disguised as priests, the two agents make their way to Rome and soon find that the Vatican is full of escaped POWs and other refugees from the German occupation. Everyone has an agenda, and motives are hidden under layers of piety and diplomacy. A couple of cameos by real historical figures also are handled well. In addition to series fans, this will appeal to readers who enjoy mysteries and thrillers with a dramatic setting such as the Second World War.

Publisher's Weekly: " As Boyle reflects after a fleeting assignation with his English girlfriend, an always-in-danger secret agent: 'We laughed, but I can't say we were happy We slept, but could not rest. Benn skillfully blends the mystery of the murders and the violence of the war into one fantastic, satisfying whole". LA Examiner: "masterful Billy is under the gun to find the madman before he runs out of cards. Benn does a superb job of simultaneously capturing the personal anguish of war and creating a splendid adventure novel.

Taut pacing and great characters make this series great and this is a wonderful addition to the body of work Benn is creating.

Benn excels at depicting the impact of war on London--the bricks from bombed buildings piled neatly on the streets, families living in Tube stations, "the odor of the Blitz. This is not James R. BOOKLIST: Benn shrewdly combines the political cat-and-mouse game with the murder investigation, offering a fascinating glimpse of the wartime intelligence world Allies spying on Allies and how it laid the groundwork for the Cold War.

In addition, his portrayals of the individual lives affected by the global machinations reflect an almost Graham Greene—like feel for nuance. Billy Boyle. As an Irish-American whose family is sympathetic to the Republican cause, Billy struggles to remain impartial as he investigates the various factions on both sides of the Catholic-Protestant divide. Benn offers no easy answers in this rich mix of Irish history and wartime intrigue.

The Billy Boyle World War II Mysteries: A Blind Goddess 8 by James R. Benn (2014, CD, Unabridged)

It was dangerous, but it was also a lot of fun. Characters as distinctive as their fine-tuned slang walk Billy through the thickets of this treacherous political landscape. As part of the Allied invasion of Sicily in , Billy Boyle, a freewheeling Boston cop in civilian life now working as special investigator for General Eisenhower, bears a message from the real-life Lucky Luciano to the head of the Sicilian Mafia asking that he order local soldiers to stop fighting American troops.

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Unfortunately, the chaos of warfare interferes with Billy's mission, as does another mobster out to exploit the situation for money who plots to have Billy killed -- while Billy is wounded and suffering from amnesia. The hero's gradual rediscovery of his memories lets him question what kind of person he is, in particular whether he's more than a brutal killer. Benn also does a fine job of depicting a dusty, poverty-stricken Sicily, where warm loyalty is the reverse side of pitiless vendetta.

Benn combines the mystery element with a fair amount of frontline battle scenes.