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At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the bard can select an additional type of Perform to substitute. Beginning at 6th level, instead of selecting an additional skill with versatile performance, a bard or skald can choose an advanced versatile performance for one Perform skill he previously selected with versatile performance. A bard or skald with an archetype that replaces versatile performance cannot select advanced versatile performance options.

Expanded Versatility Ex : The bard chooses one Perform skill that he has already selected with versatile performance. He adds one of the following skills to the list of skills that are associated with the chosen Perform skill for the purpose of the versatile performance ability: Bluff , Diplomacy , Disguise , Escape Artist , Handle Animal , Intimidate , Sense Motive , or Use Magic Device.

This option can be selected multiple times, but no skill can be associated with the same Perform skill more than once. Martial Performance Ex : The bard chooses one weapon belonging to a fighter weapon group that is associated with a Perform skill he has selected with versatile performance see below. He gains proficiency with this weapon. If the bard is already proficient with this weapon or later becomes proficient with it, he gains Weapon Focus with that weapon as a bonus feat instead.

The types of Perform skills and their associated fighter weapon groups are: Act close, double , Comedy flails, thrown , Dance monk , spears , Keyboard Instruments hammers, siege engines , Oratory heavy blades, light blades , Percussion close, hammers , Sing close, natural , String axes, bows , and Wind monk , thrown. Masterpiece : The bard gains a bardic masterpiece, as if he were giving up a feat to learn it. This option can be selected multiple times. At 2nd level, the bard becomes resistant to the bardic performance of others, and to sonic effects in general. At 5th level, the bard becomes a master of lore and can take 10 on any Knowledge skill check that he has ranks in.

A bard can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the bard can take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a standard action. He can use this ability one additional time per day for every six levels he possesses beyond 5th, to a maximum of three times per day at 17th level. At 10th level, the bard can use any skill, even if the skill normally requires him to be trained. At 16th level, the bard considers all skills to be class skills.

At 19th level, the bard can take 10 on any skill check, even if it is not normally allowed. When a character reaches the 20th level of a class, she gains a powerful class feature or ability, sometimes referred to as a capstone. When a character reaches 20th level in this class, the following new ability can be selected instead of the standard 20th level class ability which would normally be gained. In some cases, a capstone specifies what ability it replaces. Clerics and wizards can receive a capstone at 20th level, despite not having one to begin with.

At 20th level, the bard can use his performance to convert even the toughest audience. To be affected, a target must be able to see and hear the bard perform for 1 full round and be within 30 feet. If a creature succeeds at the saving throw, the bard cannot use this ability on that creature again for 24 hours.

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On a failure, the creature is dominated as dominate monster for as long as the bard keeps playing and is charmed as charm monster for 1d4 hours thereafter. Adoring fan is a mind-affecting , compulsion effect that relies on audible and visual components. Instead of receiving an additional skill rank or hit point whenever they gain a level in a favored class, some races have the option of choosing from a number of other bonuses, depending upon their favored classes. The following options are available to the listed race who have bard as their favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the listed favored class reward.

When a character selects a class, he must choose to use the standard class features found or those listed in one of the archetypes presented here. Each alternate class feature replaces a specific class feature from its parent class. For example, the elemental fist class feature of the monk of the four winds replaces the stunning fist class feature of the monk. When an archetype includes multiple class features, a character must take all of them—often blocking the character from ever gaining certain familiar class features, but replacing them with equally powerful options.

All of the other class features found in the core class and not mentioned among the alternate class features remain unchanged and are acquired normally when the character reaches the appropriate level unless noted otherwise. A character who takes an alternate class feature does not count as having the class feature that was replaced when meeting any requirements or prerequisites.

A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the core class as another alternate class feature. For example, a paladin could not be both a hospitaler and an undead scourge since they both modify the smite evil class feature and both replace the aura of justice class feature. A paladin could, however, be both an undead scourge and a warrior of the holy light, since none of their new class features replace the same core class feature.

Archetypes are a quick and easy way to specialize characters of a given class, adding fun and flavorful new abilities to already established adventurers. Characters may take more than one archetype if they meet the requirements. A good bard can sing the birds from the trees or talk a king into abdicating his throne.

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A jack of all trades, the bard sees little need to restrict himself to a single talent, picking up a little of this and a little of that, but always with a keen eye for other people and how they might be manipulated, whether through artistic performances or more mundane avenues. Presented below are several classic bardic themes. Shop our Store! Sell in the Store! Back my Patreon! Toggle navigation. Image used by permission of Yama Orce. Extras Shop our Store! Versatile performance , well-versed. Suggestion , versatile performance. Jack-of-all-trades , versatile performance.

Frightening tune , versatile performance. Mass suggestion , versatile performance.

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Add one spell known from the bard spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast.

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The spell is treated as being one level higher, unless it is also on the bard spell list. Add one spell known to the bard spell list. Reduce the penalty for not being proficient with one weapon by 1. When the nonproficiency penalty for a weapon becomes 0 because of this ability, the bard is treated as having the appropriate Martial or Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for that weapon. One use of this ability per day for every three times you select this option.

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Animal Speaker. Arcane Duelist. Spellcasting You have learned to untangle and reshape the fabric of reality in harmony with your wishes and music. Your Spells are part of your vast repertoire, magic that you can tune to different situations. See chapter 10 for the general rules of Spellcasting and chapter 11 for the bard spell list.

Cantrips You know two Cantrips of your choice from the bard spell list. You learn additional bard Cantrips of your choice at higher levels, learning a 3rd cantrip at 4th level and a 4th at 10th level. To cast one of these Spells , you must expend a slot of the spell's level or higher.

Starting Proficiencies

You regain all expended Spell Slots when you finish a Long Rest. For example, if you know the 1st-level spell Cure Wounds and have a 1st-level and a 2nd-level spell slot available, you can cast Cure Wounds using either slot. Spells Known of 1st Level and Higher You know four 1st-level Spells of your choice from the bard spell list. You learn an additional bard spell of your choice at each level except 12th, 16th, 19th, and 20th. Each of these Spells must be of a level for which you have Spell Slots. For instance, when you reach 3rd level in this class, you can learn one new spell of 1st or 2nd level.

Additionally, when you gain a level in this class, you can choose one of the Bard Spells you know and replace it with another spell from the bard spell list, which also must be of a level for which you have Spell Slots. Your magic comes from the heart and soul you pour into the Performance of your music or oration. You use your Charisma whenever a spell refers to your Spellcasting Ability. In addition, you use your Charisma modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a bard spell you cast and when Making an Attack roll with one.

Hit Die. Spellcasting , Bardic Inspiration d6. To read braille materials, you will need to connect a refreshable braille display to your device using Bluetooth. This version 1. Version 1. The user guide has been updated to reflect all feature changes. For the most part this app works well. However, there are a couple issues that I would like to see addressed. Could we please, The System messages…. Is there any way the System message could be shown one time only or for those who wish it to be repeated maybe the introduction of a do not display again checkbox.

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