The Wormy Story

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Children's Story - The Wormy Puffball - Steps to Life

He held the cut-apart puffball in his hand. Lo and behold, the whole inside seemed to be squirming! It was full of little worms! I was thinking of how that puffball can represent us.

Children’s Story – The Wormy Puffball

From the outside it looked normal and appetizing. Just so, we can look pretty good on the outside—do things for people, go to Sabbath School and church every week, and act pretty nice—and yet we can still be pretty ugly on the inside—full of jealousy, anger, and pride. A few days ago, on Sabbath, while we were walking in the hills near our house here in North Dakota, we found some more big puffballs.

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We broke them open and discovered something interesting—the top parts were good, while the lower parts had worms in them. Lastly was David A. Trampier's Wormy. It was a story about I'm not sure exactly. Wormy was this dragon that lived by himself.

'I looked at it, and it was moving': Worm in woman's eye leads to unique discovery

He was pretty laid back and seemed to always be setting up some kind of huge role-playing game that he was maybe going to play against the dwarves. I think? His game "board" was so huge he had to hire out trolls to assemble all of it.

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The strip had a kind of meandering quality to it, with lots of tangents on side characters that at least didn't superficially seem to be related to the main plot. Here's a couple of sample pages Related Items creator history.

Diary Of A Worm

Sean Kleefeld. Good choice of sample comic at any rate. Quite charming and amusing! Advertisement Amazon. It's Links! And Many Of Them!

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