Would You Date You?

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As men, the drive to be respected and desired is rooted in a need to be validated. All the work we may be doing on ourselves be it the gym or otherwise will boil down to these deep desires. These can give context and genuine foundation for any physical goals, which means we can become truly happy in our own skin, subsequently opening the door to find happiness with someone else.

Would You Date You?

Have a think about what values are most important to you. This will provide a compass from which to live your own life to ensure happiness and if goals are meaningful or not , but will also give you the foundation for what to look for in a partner. Create a plan to reach your best self, ensuring that it sees you living out your values. Then consistently work towards it.

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The bottom line here is to look within yourself, work out who you are and how you can become your best. Live with direction and purpose in your own life and you open the door for the right person to appear. Would you date you? What are your core values? By posting a comment, I agree to the Community Standards.

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