Tender Death (A Smith and Wetzon Mystery, #2)

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Commander Shad. Hughie Crawford. Sister Power. Dona Klein. Cannibal Ritual. Started to record in december , released first tape in January Orquesta Florida. Spanish orchestra from Barcelona. Sometimes named "Gran Orquesta Florida". Brent Sadowick. Contact: info brentsadowick. Bosnian Sevdalinka singer. Threshold Of Sleep. Officially split in Reformed briefly in for a couple of live performances and a new album. The project has ended once again. Kulto Maldito. Formed and active since They were formed around in Chicago and are still going to this day. They've released at least nine albums in that time as well as a handful of singles.

D-Operation Drop. Super Wanyika Stars. Kenya-based band, formed by [a] in after he left [a]. The other band members had previously been in [a] but were left without a group when [a] returned to [a]. Project called name TR21 was born in year , but that story has began much earlier. All started in the middle of 80's when TR21 performed many experiments with generating sounds on 8 bit personal computers like Timex or Atari XL. Next phase was an experience in domain of design engineering - simple analog synthesizers and drum machines. After that TR21 began experiments with fitting and mixing analog cassete tapes.

At beginning of the 90's TR21 also was a member of a death metal band as a drummer and vocalist. Project became more stabile in his workshop in and kept on up until now in a little bit more innovated way. Everything is mixed in analog domain. Very often sources of sounds are electric guitar or human voice, which are transformed in totally different forms and functions into traditional musical order. Darrell Mansfield Band. Chronic Trax. Klaus Benedek. Klaus Benedek grew up in a small town near Vienna. His interest in electronic music began during the 90s techno hype.

He spent hours watching video clips on MTV and viva and thus gaining knowledge about electronic music. In , he began teaching himself to produce. Gathering his inspiration wherever he could, he began collecting 12" vinyl records the same year and 2 years later got his first dj-gigs. In he started with Alex Kolodziej the event-series Tellerbetrieb. After releases on several digital labels, Klaus launched his own label forTunea in Dik Voormekaar. The project existed to 84, after which it was renamed [a].

John Ridout. The Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry 15 June — 21 March , was an English clergyman, railway enthusiast and children's author, better known as the Reverend W. Pierret Beauchamp. Dato' M Daud Kilau. He began to career after winning the Bintang Radio in Starting from that point, he got a chance to become recording artists and produce many EP and LP. Then in , he also won the competition Dendang Rakyat,kategori lagu-lagu asli.

La Chilindrina. Distorted Robocops. Angelo Cecchelin. Mark PVS. La Banda Show. Elisabeth Granneman. Jack Di'Che. Musique Royale Des Guides. Military orchestra of the Belgian Armed Forces. Established in It is suggested to use this when the name of the orchestra or the information on the release is in Dutch or any other language, when mentioned in French please use Musique Royale Des Guides. Stars Are Insane. A home recording lo fi, shoegaze, ambient, acoustic 4 track project by Mike Andriani started in Andres Caparros. He has worked for the leading TV channels and Radio networks in Spain.

Udell Anderson. O'hene Savant. Keep It Dark. Blood Stronghold. Jay Novelle. Mission Infect. Moshe Koussevitzky. Good Parts. DJ and producer based in UK. Black Zeros. Ovila Landry. Frozen Corpse. Magic Moments At Twilight Time. Jean-Michel Navarre. LaVerne Tripp. Carl Jularbos Orkester. Tieries Azzier. Nastyboy Klick. Gina Maria. The Magik Word. Oliver Martini. He studied music in Chimkent before moving to Alma-Ata currently Almaty.

Isseifubi Sepia. Bob Cort. Ukrainian singer, TV host, producer. Was born Bee Spit. Los Violines Magicos De Villafontana. Mexican orchestra created in the late s in Mexico city and led by [a].

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Zeke Manners Band. Cho Yong-Pil. Born March 21, is a South Korean pop singer who is considered one of the most influential figures in Korean popular music. He debuted as a member of the rock band Atkins in and made his solo debut with the hit single "Come Back to Busan Port" in Cho has released 19 solo albums and has remained consistently popular during his year career.

Bird Thongchai McIntyr. He has also acted in numerous films, on television, musicals, and in commercials. His family were musicians, hence he enjoyed an upbringing in a musical environment. His father died when Bird was still a child. He started working in a bank as an officer. While working in a bank, he had a chance to meet the famous Thai TV producer "Kai Varayuth" who saw entertainment talent in Bird.

Bird played his first TV series with Kai while still working in a bank. This role revealed his talent. His most memorable role was that of Captain Kobori from Koo Kam, a tragic love story between a Japanese soldier played by Bird and a local Thai girl during the World War II where he starred in both a TV series and reprised his role in the film adaptation, Sunset at Chaophraya. He reached the height of his musical career in the early nineties. Westerners became aware of him in the mid nineties as he became the first Thai artist to receive an International MTV Award, be featured in the most high budget Thai film at the time, "Sunset at Chaopraya" which reached international acclaim in Japan as well as the U.

He was featured on CNN and Variety magazine. An award winning documentary on his life entitled "Crossing Borders" directed by Phanjanit Garnploog can be seen at St. John's University in New York which includes rare interviews with the director. It marks the first time in history a Thai pop artist has made an international tour. His Grammy label mates have previously only performed at local venues. Vlasta Burian. Nightmare Castle. Die Allstar-Crew. Fadila Dziria. Tropar Flot.

The Denza Dance Band. Gruppo Sound. Studio ensemble who recorded for [l]. See also [a] and [a]. Eine Stunde Merzbauten. Czech 'freek form improvisation' group. Formed as industrial noise revival cover, tribute, hommage, etc. Peterka a spol. Alexandre Khelil. The Nachal Troupe.

Many Israeli singers and entertainers began their careers in Lahakat HaNahal. The Clive Allan Orchestra. Fake artist name used by Avenue 6 for releases either recorded in the UK by Alan Caddy or licensed from other countries such as the Netherlands. Danny Cruz. Viswanathan Ramamoorthi. United States Beat Squad. Altered Tapes. Extracting their basic elements and then reconstructing into dance floor bangers.

Fueled by a passion for crate digging, original breaks, and timeless music, the overall concept of the project is to elevate the art of the remix to unexplored levels. Bay Of Islands. A delicate melody, a psychedelic swirl, a lilting accent, a filter of electronics. Acoustic and electric guitars modified by synthesizers.

Los Kipus. Throughout the years Los Kipus had numerous female lead singers, including Eva Ayllon from to Were a popular musical group in Peru throughout the 60's and 70's. Topolino Radio Orquesta. Atrofia Cerebral. Washer Woman. Reverse Mouth. Goodbye Nova. Goodbye Nova brings a crowd-friendly sing-a-long to the stage every show, having performed for intimate crowds at coffee shops, to large outdoor music festivals.

Grizli Man. Kierra Sheard. Los Trotamundos. Keith Beckingham. Jamey Ryan.

Tender Death

Orchester Maurice Larcange. Adrenaline Dept. Tito Mora. Mose Jones. Pepe Arcade. Offensive Orange. Henkel Irie. Sounds From Another Race. Ukrainian Hardstylerz. Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra. The band Solo Harmonites has its genesis in when a group of teenagers from Egypt village, Second Caledonia, Barataria, Trinidad came together to form a steel band, which was originally known as Wonderland. They also won in , and Dorsey Dodd.

Jean Gamet. French singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. Founder of [l] in and Editions et Productions de l'Hacienda in nowadays based in Les Olmes, near Tarare village. Liliane Riboni. CJ Peeton. Contact info: E-mail: cjpeeton yahoo. German new-age composer and multi-instrumentalist from the town of Vallendar. Los Vaskez. Eloise Whitaker. Ahmed Khelifi. Marco Rizo. Cuban pianist, composer and arranger, born November 30, — died September 8, Grupo Karakhol. Hideous Piglet Wild-a-Beast. Hideous Piglet Wild-a-Beast began rocking the world in when [a] and [a] joined together and recorded their debut album which was released on the now defunct [l].

They disbanded shortly after [a] joined and embarked on their now famous "Levels of Reality" tour. Paul Orwell. Teknikal Sinner. Mehmet Akar. His music combines deep, melodic, smooth and techy elements based on progressive flows and house vibes. It was his first significant step in electronic music area. After a few remarkable guest broadcastings on friskyRadio, starting from , Akar is hosting a new radio show called "2nd Resurrection".

With this radio show, the professional journey of Akar has started and He has been focused on his own productions. At the moment Mehmet Akar is travelling a lot, presenting his unique musical vision around the Globe and showing his musical passion in front of the audience. He a truly musical beliver and says music is an endless part of his life!

Anna Benzing. Los Troqueros. Genival Santos. Mark Salies. Learco Gianferrari. Italian author, accordeon and trumpet player Bibbiano Re , - Cavriago Re , Charting The Depths Of Despair. Aunt's Analog. Jean Patart. Coral De Ruada De Orense. Mara Abrantes. Brazilian - Portuguese singer. She pursued a successful career as a singer, especially in the 60s. George W. July 4, — May 10, ; Was a Detroit lawyer and businessman best known as the producer of the Lone Ranger radio and television programs along with The Green Hornet.

Tsubaki Yeah! Anonymous collective of ambient musicians and human rights activists. The motto of the collective is "The square is a canvas for the sound, the sound is a canvas for the story". The collective produces only radio programs and podcasts since Henry Salvat. Columbia Military Band.

Se empieza a usar un vestuario bastante particular y colorido. El Negro Videla empieza a interpretar algunos temas. Al poco tiempo se incorporan una guitarra y un saxo. A fines de vuelve "El turco" Julio como vocalista tras la salida de Pelusa. Jorge Quevedo abandona la banda en y se incorpora Daniel Guardia.

En su carrera han obtenido tres Premios Konex en , y Locust Factory. DJ Rat-Ward. Acrid Lemon. Apart from all-original tracks, also produces sample-based tracks, bastardizing electronic and rock music in the rhythmic noise style while still adding own sounds. There were also tracks with mhzesent's own vocals Bread, Diamond Water, Lurkin. Phil Maguire. Throne Of The Ice Goblin.

Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra. Peter Henn. The Refounders. Larry Hosford. Dave Wong. The name means "The lamp, light and eye of God". Please use this profile when only "Devadip" is credited. For all variations that include the name Santana please use [a] and the appropriate ANV. Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign. Larry Ferrari. The Happy Six. Most importantly, some of their records feature pioneer New Orleans musicians Alcide Nunez and Tom Brown, being the first made by the latter - a key figure in both the earliest New Orleans bands to move to the North and also the New Orleans revival of the s.

Tony Pinelli. Mayra Marti. Danny Legatto. Wally Richie. Phantom Boy. He also participated in the theater group and choir of his school, where since childhood he had the charisma to stand out from the rest. Each day that passed, his love for acting was greater. It is so that after retiring after five long years he settled in the city of Miami to manage from this city his career as a soloist and as a composer.

After his move to Miami to start from scratch, he entered a recording studio to work as an engineer assistant for several producers of the artistic medium. Da Souza. Christian Doil. He specializes in the creation of deep, textural, ambient drones. Orchestra Auguste Pesenti. Space Walk. Serap Mutlu. Alberta Slim. Canadian country singer and songwriter, born February 2, in Wiltshire, UK and emigrated with his family to Canada as a child.

Nestor Pistor. Los Cangaceiros. Various Artists For Children's Promise. A one-off super group, which released an all-star version of [a]' rock classic 'It's Only Rock 'N' Roll' to raise money for the Children's Promise charity foundation. It was also released in several other countries, but failed to really make an impact outside the UK.

It did, however, have limited success in The Netherlands, reaching number 55 during its four week chart run in January , while it barely cracked the Swiss chart, only making it to number Luke Benz. Rapper from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, currently living in UK. Piccoli Boys Degli Orsi Burloni. Double F-ect. The collaboration started in with the only purpose of spreading the hard music in the world. Pitch Perfect Cast. P Tee Money. This royal descendant of Nigerian bloodline was born in London, England and studied Aeronautical Engineering in the military.

From his love of music, he eventually settled down in Progressive House, the genre that he connected with the most. His productions cross a wide range of electronic music styles, from House, Tropical pop, deep house, indie-dance, progressive, future, electro-pop and chill out. Since then P Tee Money has written multiple books and counting. Aside from writing, he has gone back to his passion Music.

He has also produced a Number of Remixes winning positive attention from the masses. He is becoming more and more well-known in the EDM scene and making a name for himself as a DJ and a producer committed to raising the bars higher. Tina Fabrique. American bluegrass musician. Jacqui Berne. Popeye The Sailor Man. Orquestra Som Bateau. Orquestra Som Bateau, a name inspired by a well known Rio de Janeiro "boite" from the 60s, was a studio band created by Brazilian Phonogram Philips.

They used different musicians according to the songs being recorded, which were all covers of international hits, released in economical series or secondary labels. William MacEwan. Grady G. Observation Point. Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One. Black Spring Monolith. Orchester Simon Krapp. Israeli folk duo founded in by [a] born in Baghdad, Iraq and [a]. The duo briefly became a trio in , when Jimmy Siman Tov of Turkish background joined the band, but he left six months after joining when he fell in love with an audience member while on tour in South Africa.

In , Nissim became religious and decided to stop appearing on weekends and performing romantic material, leading to his replacement by [a]. During Ori Harpaz left the duo and was replaced by [a]. Arnold Loxam. British organist and pianist, born in Bradford, Has been a prolific broadcaster for BBC and local radio networks. Died, aged 93, on 14 March Mia Chevais. Tedd Smith. Brassband from New Zealand.

It is formed periodically for specific purposes by auditioning top brass and percussion players throughout New Zealand. The Land Of Yrx. Formed by David Gate and Robert Andrews in They released many cassette albums between and and have since released two CD-Rs on their own label. Sophie Braslau. Originally, Braslau trained to become a concert pianist, starting at age five, and studied at the Institute of Musical Art as well as with private tutors and the many musicians that her parents hosted in their home. The voice teacher A. Buzzi-Pecci heard Breslau humming during piano practice, decided she had operatic potential, and took her on as a pupil.

Breslau auditioned at the Metropolitan Opera and won a five-year contract, debuting on stage as Tsarevitch Feodora in Boris Godunov in and performing as Mercedes in the revival of Carmen the following year. She then began a career as a soloist and recording artist, performing with various orchestras and recording operatic albums with the Victor Quartet until a year before her death at age thirty-three from illness. Czech vocalist, guitarist. Born December 6, in Prague former Czechoslovakia.

Coast Guard Band. First organized in March Hopeton Junior. David Philoe. Freq Boutique. Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov 1 October — 12 May Russian writer, literary and theatrical critic. The band's name is derived from the Aksumite Empire also known as the Kingdom of Aksum , an ancient African nation which existed near present-day Ethiopia and part of the Arabian Peninsula. Line-up: Dukula Menelek - guitars, vocals Walia Ibex - drums, bass. William McCrea. Kinderkoor Lidy Peters.

Vincent Caderby.

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Christoph Dittert. Source Of Gravity. Dutch-based producer of various electronic styles, predominantly techno, who releases exclusively in the international netlabel scene. Note: "cadra" is not capitalized. His productions have been featured at the top of the charts. He has shared the stage with many artists and has played at multiple venues, from nightclubs to festivals and raves. He currently has multiple releases signed onto various labels, but has been working with San Diego label Late Night Jackin the most.

Belinda Parker. Lily Fields. Kathy Keegan. Rudolph Erich Raspe. Rudolf Erich Raspe March — 16 November was a German librarian, writer, and scientist, called by his biographer John Carswell a "rogue". He is best known for his collection of tall tales, The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen also known as Baron Munchausen's Narrative of his Marvellous Travels and Campaigns in Russia, originally a satirical work with political aims. Los Hermanos Banda De Salamanca. Vocal quartet from Salamanca, state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Georges Montalba. Kyriakos Sfetsas was born on September 29, , in Amfilochia. He was raised in Lefkada where, at an early age, he studied music for the first time at the Philarmonic Band and the National Conservatory of the city with the late Fotis Vlachos. He continued his studies at the National Conservatory of Athens , where he studied the piano with Krino Kalomiri and theory of music with Michalis Vourtsis.

On August 30, , in Lefkada, he accompanied on the piano Maria Callas in her last performance in Greece. A few months after the dictatorship, he moved to Paris. There, on a French State scholarship , he pursued further studies with the composer and educator Max Deutsch composition, analysis, orchestral conducting , while seeking the mentorship and advice of I. Xenakis, Luigi Nono and Henri Dutilleux. After that period, several of his works are performed in renowned international contemporary music festivals Royan, Reims, Bordeaux and Paris ; at the same time, he works on a regular basis with the contemporary dance group of Vitry and the choreographer Michel Cazerta.

A portion of his Paris works were published by Editions Transatlantiques, and it was in Paris in that he released for the first time one of his works on record: Four-channel electro-acoustic music for the Ballet Smog, one of the first pieces written for four-channel tape in the world. He returned to Greece in Autumn , this time to stay. At the invitation of Manos Hatzidakis, he worked at the Third Programme of the Hellenic Radio as a free lance producer.

In , as a regular employee of the Hellenic Radio, he served as head of the music departments of the 2nd and 1st Programmes, and from the summer of to January as director of the 3rd Programme. Since he lives and works in Lefkada, the place where he grew up and made his first steps in music. In the years after , he also writes music for films. In , his music for P. He also writes the music for Stigma, by the same director , D.

Gavrielides Publications. And from its very early days, the Athens Concert Hall Megaron has on numerous occasions commissioned and hosted works by Kyriakos Sfetsas, performed by famous Greek and other soloists and ensembles, including the organist Daniel Chorzempa and the Camerata Orchestra. Docimology, one of his more beautiful and characteristic works, is from this period. Behind the persistence of his writing one can guess a dramatic need for communication. One of the most fascinating of his latest works is Moments of a Lonesome Town: within the aloneness and inhumanity of the modern world, the quest for the other continues, with a more emphatic lyricism.

So, hope still persists. Orchestre Yoka Lokole. Kakaiku's Guitar Band. Mattia Trani. Italian DJ, producer and arranger based in Bologna. Edith Veiga. Hare Krishna Brass Band. Founded September 25, in Uzhgorod. Judy Canova. Sekstet "Skadarlija". Rikard Skizz Bizzi. Spectro Senses. Patti Layne.

Os 3 Xirus. Jocelyn Perreau. Dan Lizard. German Electronic musician born in the late s. In the mids he started making music professionally at Sound Trap Studio. Leila Silva. Strange Rollers. Liane Covi. De Mosselmannekes. Sterling Blythe. Resting Cell. The Will-O-Bees. Martel Robinson. DJ Aier.

Jean-Marcel Raymond. Wayne Scotch. Ted Taylor Music. Naal Stayn. Lived in Berlin, Germany from to Co-owner of digital label Code- Code Minus. Born: in Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bobby G. Canadian singer from Winnipeg, Manitoba active s to s. First sang on stage at age 6, had a regular nightclub residence in Winnipeg from age 15 to 18, had his own TV variety show in Winnipeg at age 21 and toured Canada and the US extensively as a cabaret singer.

The Nick Perito Orchestra. Now known as, "[a]" Weirdonia was the name for the two-piece garage rock band formed in Originally from Wheatley, Ontario, it's two members have relocated to various cities however the band is considered to still be active albeit on an infrequent basis. The name change to "Meat Bag" happened in the new year of to coincide with a new album of tracks from a previous rehearsal session however that album was not released until much later in the year.

Orchestra Spettacolo Franco Bagutti. Ray Dahrouge. Pop - soul - disco singer - songwriter - producer - arranger Born and raised in New Jersey. Nippy Baines. Sebastian Mauro. Cimitero Senza Croci. Los Cuatro Brillantes. Founded in , disbanded in Charles Rocchi. DeeJay Laura. Gabriel Cardoso. Partners Rime Syndicate.

DJ Loctgruv. Since Loctgruv has been shaping sounds with the decks. No stranger to playing any kind of music, Loctgruv's take on tech house is rough around the edges, but glistening with deep synth melodies, a tough beat, and a very funky bassline Flashback to listening to Little Louie Vega and Glen Friscia mixing up a stew of styles on Hot before it was Hot 97 , running house and freestyle records like they were hip-hop records.

Jez Torrance of iDJ described the sound as melancholic, spiritual and even "spatial, luscious and downright beautiful. Cosmic Flanders. Sticky Tape. The Slag Brothers. The Slag Brothers were a duo formed around They made music all the way to Anti Gasmask Techno Militia. The Classic Illustration. Roman Faero. Rikki Patrick. Elenco Do Galinho. Iqbal Qureshi. Stainless Steal. Linda Gache. Grupo Safari.

Pete Daily's Dixieland Band. Los Macarenos.

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  7. Matt Endahl. Orchester Bruno Seidler-Winkler. Established in by a decision of the Committee on the Arts. In a large group of musicians during wartime tour was encircled and destroyed. After the war, the orchestra is not restored. Kai Warner Singers. Dizzy Gillespie - Stan Getz Sextet. Fruits Of Passion. Vladislav Vadimovich Skakalin, better known as Vl d, is an amateur singer-songwriter from Russia. According to the information on his website, he was born in , was treated in a mental hospital several times and is a certified programmer and a member of LDPR political party.

    He claims to have started producing music in As for , his albums were available for free download from his website. Styles of Vl d's recordings are mostly associated with punk, vocal electronic music and sometimes acoustic rock with minimalistic production, frequently plundered instrumentals and obscene lyrics. Bosnian folk singer. Died in same car accident, together with Silvana. The Hotvill's. A french trio of harmonicists who have built their own electronic harmonicas. New Beat Less. Dizzy Gillespie's Big 4. Flashback Humor.

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    Bob Callaghan Orchestra. Maria Miel. Sub Killaz. Franklin Would. Marian Conde. Alex Clubbers. Mourning Souls. Depressive black metal, drone and experimental one-man band from Catanduva, Brazil. Formed in They were previously a duo. Lars Huismann. Denis Roland. Psychrolutes Marcidus. Benjamin Woodman. Gender Sabotage. Orchester Fred Rabold. Jerry Inman. Orchestre Les Noirs. Special Liwanza. Cast of "Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster". Outer Kid. Emly Starr Explosion.

    Czech actor. Died May 29, Brno Czechoslovakia. James Last Company. DJ DJ Tanner. Cifra Ensemble. Baranovas Harmonica Ensemble. The Five Lords. Shugo Banton. Joey aka Jozsef Keller. Kay Ishiguro. Born in Chigasaki, Kanagawa prefecture on March 30, Made her record debut in Retired in , but returned to live work in Showband group from Northern Ireland, active from the early s to Clubsound were one of the more successful showband groups from Northern Ireland during the s and s. The original line-up of the band featured George Jones and drummer Tommy Thomas who wrote all the comedy material.

    They started as a backing band and played skiffle before evolving into a comedy cabaret, with a few locally successful singles, including Belfast, Belfast and Shankill Airways. Practice sessions would take place outside Jones' house and Van Morrison, then a part-time saxophone player, would often join these sessions. After the Monarchs disbanded, and Morrison went on to lead the band Them, the other members of the Monarchs formed the band Clubsound. Wasiu Ayinde Barrister. One of the most known artist for Fuji Music.

    Has changed his name as Wasiu Ayinde Marshal in early 90's. Tim Ellis. Gay Flash. Gregory A. Criminal Intent. Laurie Breton. The School of Scary Stories. Dale Herron. Grimm Tales. John Kenyon.

    Eric Beetner. Sweet Christmas Love. Wendy Dewar Hughes. Requiem, Mass. John Dufresne. A Cup of Comfort for Friends. Colleen Sell. Views from an Empty Nest. Madelyn F. Bruce Howard: Gentleman with Brass Knuckles. Emmanuel Obi Jr. Hope For The Heart. Six Feet Down. Bob Moats. Annie Acorn's Christmas Treasury. Annie Acorn. Bad Intent.

    Wendy Hornsby. The Hanging. Life Detonated. Kathleen Murray Moran. Krystal Lawrence. Pittsburgh Noir. Kathleen George. Suggestion of Death. Susan P. Mary, Mary, Shut the Door. Benjamin M. Blood on Their Hands. Brendan DuBois. But You Scared Me the Most. John Manderino. What Love Is. Yonda Morrison Fletcher. Mayhem, Mystery and Murder. John A. Norah McClintock. La Femme. Jo Brew. The Association - Ryder. Judy Kentrus. Douglas DiNunzio.

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    Isabella Willow. Rick Ollerman. And the Moral Is. Joanne Haddad. Odds n Ends. Bobby A. The Association - Mason. Crying at Movies. No Borders No Boundaries Revisited. Robert Brewster. Chicago Noir: The Classics. Joe Meno. Half Irish. Pete Morin. Upside Down. Darryl Hicks. Queen Of Tarts. Annette Meyers. Free Love. Murder Me Now. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information.

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