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From the song Save The World. It was also heard on. Live in Washington ,. The Best of Yolanda Adams ,. The Essential Yolanda Adams and the compilation,. Come before His courts with praise. The Experience , was amazing! As we sing shout with our might in continual praise. I've always been right here, waiting on you to come near me. The upbeat and poignant "Already Alright" came to us from.

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Me and my girlfriend had an awesome time here, it was just close enough to where we wanted to be to get to the beach and boat ramps. Totally will be coming back! Expect a fun, quirky, artsy environment, with all the basics near at hand. Overall Gina's place was nice. Especially for the price!

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The neighborhood is quiet. Although the little apartment building across the street is empty and in need of repair, the area didn't feel unsafe. The living room and bedroom were very comfortable! The ceiling fans allowed… Read more. It is very clean with a vintage beach theme decor.


A very quite restful place. We enjoyed our stay and would love to stay there again if ever back in the area. Hosted by Gina.

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The neighborhood. House Rules. Not safe or suitable for children and pets - Not child friendly as far as electrical socket covers, cabinet locks. It was once thought[citation needed] that the website AdamsLetter.

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Show with Bob and David sketch, featuring a boy who attempts suicide after listening to his favorite band. I see it now. Great job. General Comment There seems to be a lot of confusion, spam, arguing over what this song is about. It's very straight forward. The song is about a teenager who is going through depression and is contemplating suicide. It's not about suicide or overcoming it, but it touches on the thoughts that enters someone's head while contemplating suicide.

I'm sure when you've contemplated suicide and I know you have you have thought about - How you're going to commit suicide - Feeling like the pain outweighs the resources to cope with the pain - Feeling like there's no way people would expect you to do such a thing - Remembering the good times - Thinking people will forget about you - Who will receive your stuff after you die - Upsetting parents in a petty way - Ensuring it wasn't the fault of your parents and of course, my personal favorite, overcoming the moment and thinking "tomorrow will hold such better days" The song touches on all of these thoughts, and that's why it's a powerful and memorable song; we've all thought the thoughts that Blink is singing about.

It is a sad song, but one that gives hope as well.

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I will remember this song for most of my life and whenever I hear it my spine tingles every time. Very well-said abuseforapie. I agree with your breakdown of the songs themes. And I also get spine tingles Flag benkrunk on November 15, I think you're right about that.

Adam's Song

Also, there's a shift in the song from a perceived better past and grim present view to a brighter future outlook. Nicely put and it true all the same. The lyrics never say anything about, "a light at the end of the tunnel" just strictly depression.

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Flag camel0 on May 14, Flag Ehmuhlee on August 02, Flag doodlyy on October 05, Let me summarize this for y'all real quick. It's a combo of many people, no specific focus although several references on one individual. But the chorus is more uplifting, and the reason why blink says its an anti-suicide song. It states both 16 and tomorrow.

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  4. This shows to focus on the good points in life. General Comment This song is about teenage suicide. Working on a few teenage advice websites, I can see how these words would ring true through teenage depression.