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Medium : Mixed Media, Painting, acrylic and thread on cotton. Home Help Signup Login. I allow my ideas to dictate the form each series takes so the results vary: painted poems, figure painting, graphic ink drawings, collage and mosaics, freestanding statues, sewn painting rags and sewn figures. The human form is continually referenced through observation, words spoken or clothing worn. I think in terms of parts or components fitting together to make up a larger whole.

This preoccupation mirrors our fractured lives and the way we are continually integrating information, time, relationships and experiences, then piecing ourselves back together in order to rearrange ourselves again. I work primarily in a series format which can be expanded, reassembled, reworked. Each series helps to create the one that follows. The larger paintings on paper are sometimes made smaller by tearing them down. These pieces create the Faces series. The Faces are trimmed to create the word paintings and poems.

The words are torn into smaller pieces to create the paper tiles for the mosaics. I am also an obsessive list maker and the lists are saved and eventually used to create pieces.

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The smallest slivers of paper pieces are glued to the Statues. Use a lighter pressure for brass, copper, and other soft metals. A quality deposit requires that the surface be thoroughly cleaned prior to reverse etching.

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Wiping the article with a clean white cloth will show the presence of such particles. The use of Dura Prep offers an easy method of removing such particles, as well as thoroughly cleaning the part and preparing the surface for a good quality deposit.

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Also, it is particularly helpful for heavy build-up type work. Rinsing: Dura Prep is rinsed off the part with water.

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A separate tank may be used. The Dura Prep, being heavier than water, will sink to the bottom; it can be recovered and reused several times. Also, Dura Prep can be rinsed off in Polystrip, if a separate tank is not available. Its presence in the solution will not cause any difficulties. If necessary, Dura Prep can be allowed to dry on a surface without any harm. Subsequent rinsing will easily remove the film.

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Caution: This process uses industrial strength chemicals which must be handled carefully and in accordance with the directives provided in the individual MSDS forms. Read and understand the MSDS on all of these chemicals before handling or using. Copyright and all other World Rights reserved, , , , , , Avoid personal contact with these chemicals, avoid splashing and avoid breathing any fumes released during operation.

Do not inhale any dust, mist or vapors from these chemicals.